Masoliver joins the ESMA (European Sales & Marketing Association). The ESMA is a platform for manufacturers and distributors in the value chain. The ESMA is proactive in ensuring that its members attempt, whenever possible, to reduce the manufacturer’s carbon footprint by providing efficiency in the value chain.

The ESMA was formed in 1977. Since then the ESMA has been a leading consumer goods distribution organization, creating business opportunities and providing experience for all its members. The ESMA operates in more than 30 countries around Europe.

Some of the benefits of belonging to the ESMA:

  • It encourages exchanges of ideas and synergies and the building of relationships between its members
  • It provides specific and relevant information and knowledge transfer
  • It offers initial contacts and the creation of business opportunities for European manufacturers and distributors
  • Once you are a member, you can use its logo as a communication tool
  • You can attend conventions, conferences and workshops organized by the ESMA

Its members are chosen in accordance with their professionalism and they receive a visit from the CEO before being taken on board.

At Masoliver we are proud to form part of this association and to exchange knowledge so as to further our professional growth in a sector that is becoming increasingly innovative.