Celebración del 40 y 25 aniversario de Masoliver y Beveland

The new Masoliver Group image, presented on 5 July during the events to celebrate Masoliver’s 40th and Beveland’s 25th anniversaries, seeks to reflect the DNA of the group’s two companies, as well as their values and the focus on the workers that drive them forward.

The Masoliver Group is establishing itself by means of two distinctive business realities within the mass consumer sector: Masoliver (a food and beverage distributor) and Beveland (a spirit manufacturer and exporter).

The group’s new brand positioning revolves around five attributes:

  1. Passion for excellence
  2. Transparency
  3. Proximity
  4. Dynamism
  5. Commitment

With this change we’ve internationalised the logo, replacing “Grup” with “Group”, and included the slogan “Growing all together” in search of the most human part of the group.  The above is accompanied by the restyling of the logo for GenT Masoliver, the umbrella brand that encompasses all the activity conducted by and for our teams.

Masoliver Group remains true to the principles of corporate social responsibility and the corporate values it conveys to its customers and suppliers.

The logo will be applied to all the corporate media over the next few days. For the time being we leave you with the new image of the Masoliver Group website and some of the images that sum up the events to celebrate Masoliver’s 40th and Beveland’s 25th anniversaries. We thank the whole organisation for taking part in such a special kind of celebration.