Proyecto #Invulnerables por la pobreza infantil

Masoliver and Beveland presented a cheque for €6,000 to the #Invulnerables project. This was the amount raised at the charity concerts featuring Doctor Prats (1 May) and Els Pets (17 and 18 May) in Olot.

The concerts were part of the events to celebrate Masoliver’s 40th and Beveland’s 25th anniversaries, during which funds were raised for the #Invulnerables programme, designed to combat child poverty.

The project brought together culture and solidarity to celebrate Masoliver’s 40th and Beveland’s 25th anniversaries. It also received the support of Olot Town Council, the Teatre Principal and the Sala Torín.

Doctor Prats, playing to a full house, presented their latest release titled Avui lluny es més a prop, while Els Pets, with a very stylish staging, introduced SOM, their latest album, after five years without releasing any new material.

The #Invulnerables programme, which seeks to combat child poverty, is an initiative promoted by Sister Lucía Caram. It strives to ensure that all boys and girls and their families have the same opportunities, regardless of their origin. The aim is to halt the circle of poverty handed down from generation to generation by means of a basic tool: education. Invulnerables is aimed at boys and girls and their families who live within a context of absolute vulnerability. This intervention meets their uncovered basic needs, providing complete assistance and support to the families and guidance to the mothers and fathers.

Masoliver would like to thank everyone who made it possible; your smile is our absolute satisfaction.