Nova línia de congelat

At Masoliver, we are expanding our business with the creation of the specific GastroGourmet channel, with the aim of meeting the greatest demand of the Chef and the Bakery in the kitchen. GastroGourmet covers ambient and frozen product lines, a challenge for us as until recently we only worked with ambient products, and which we have reinforced with the hiring of professionals in the frozen food line in our current structure. This new channel will allow us to cater for a greater number of customers by providing a 360º service.

The objective of the GastroGourmet project is to satisfy the demand of professionals (distributors, restaurants, chefs and bakeries) who seek to differentiate themselves from the competition with innovative products for their creations. Two main business lines stand out: fusion cuisine, where Mediterranean and Asian cuisine are blended, and haute cuisine, where French and Spanish cuisine have evolved hand in hand.

In terms of Asian cuisine, the Myata (Japan, sauces and vinegars) and Chain Kwo (China, sauces and vinegars) brands stand out. As for brands with a more Mediterranean touch, they include such prestigious brands as Pidy (Belgium, bouchées and tartlets), Ista (Italy, vegetable preserves), Mengazzoli (Italy, vinegars), Canuti (Italy, fresh frozen pasta), Algues de Bretagne (France, spherical pearls), Giuliano Tartufi (Italy, truffle products), Didess (Belgium, sweet and savoury decoration), Gli Aironi (Italy, more technical products such as crispy puffed rice with flavours).

The main clients that GastroGourmet targets are menu restaurants and pizzerias, banquet restaurants, with a wide range of appetisers, first courses and special decoration, hotels for events organisation and catering companies.

Our catalogue is the success of the project: with almost 1,000 items. We offer a wide range of high quality international brands adapted to the Mediterranean palate. We highlight the division of ambient and frozen products.

Masoliver is currently one of the leading companies in the sector for the distribution of high-quality food and beverage products throughout Spain. In recent years, as a result of the new leadership of Sandra Masoliver, the second generation, we have adapted to the market and enhanced our position within the sector.