On July 1st, the Fòrum Carlemany Gala was held at the Camiral Hotel of the PGA Catalunya Resort in Caldes de Malavella. During the gala the replacement of the presidency of the Carlemany Forum was staged, left by Francesc Bosch (Dibosch) after 4 years accompanied by Enric Paredes (Paredes Asociados) as vice president. Bosch passes the new presidency to Sandra Masoliver (Masoliver), who will be the first female president of the Forum, with Joan Castell (Sarrats) as vice president.

More than 170 people, members of the association and other guests, gathered after a year without being able to do so to celebrate their Annual Gala. The organization tested all attendees for antigens.

In 2020, the Forum could not hold the event due to the pandemic situation, but decided to allocate part of its budget to make a donation to the #joemcorono project. Likewise, despite the non-celebration, he gave recognition to those chosen for that year, Guillem Terribas from Librería 22 and Jordi Cuixart, president of Omnium Cultural. Both were mentioned in the Gala this year, where Guillem Terribas was present.

The event began with the delivery of the annual awards, the Falcó Carlemany and the Honorary Member. The first was delivered to the Fundació Autismo Mas Casadevall de Serinyà for its work in caring for young people and adults with autism. The appointment to the Honorary Member was for Dr. Bonaventura Clotet. The two winners held a round table moderated by journalist Xavi Coral.

Dr. Clotet stressed that the best learning we have acquired with this pandemic is that collaboration in research has been much more important than usual and solidarity has made it possible to advance very quickly in the search for drugs.

Mr. Lluís Desoi, president of the executive committee of the Mas Casadevall Foundation, stated that the key to the success of the foundation is that it is led by the families of the users, who seek the happiness and well-being of their loved ones and that, the pandemic the foundation has been experienced with great anguish.

As an exceptional year, in this edition a part of the act was dedicated to carrying out a sanitary recognition with a round table represented by the Girona health sector with the presence of Dr. Josep Vilaplana, president of the Col·legi de Metges de Girona, Mrs. Silvia Bardalet, vice president of the Col·legi d’Infermeres de Girona and Mr. Toni Maneu, director of human business at Hipra. All of them explained the physical and emotional exhaustion suffered by health workers during the pandemic when they saw patients alone and the importance of the exchange of knowledge that has taken place between the scientific community to advance rapidly. Dr. Vilaplana has appealed to Girona’s need to invest in health and research as soon as possible.