Masoliver envía ayuda a Ucrania

The war in Ukraine has triggered a serious humanitarian crisis and Masoliver Group wanted to contribute to the cause.

Through our client Slipo, we have organized a campaign to collect basic foodstuffs with local organizations.

Unió Esportiva Olot, with whom we collaborate sponsoring the women’s team, along with Integra, an association that works for the inclusion of people with special abilities and groups at risk in the Garrotxa, wanted to join the cause.

Thanks to the help of the UEO, partners and collaborators, and Integra, we have been able to collect basic necessities to be delivered to the Ukrainian people in order to help them, as far as possible, to cope with this situation of absolute emergency.

We hope that this situation will be solved soon and we send all our strength and support to Ukraine.

Masoliver envía ayuda a Ucrania