• Masoliver is the new distributor in Spain for the modern channel of MyDietorelle, the sugar-free and 100% vegan gummy candy in its 70gr format.
  • MyDietorelle was launched in 1977 and is a leader in the Italian market for sugar-free candies.

The brand belongs to the renowned Sperlari Group, which has successful sweets such as its namesake Sperlari, Saila, Galatine, or myDietor in the sweeteners category.

MyDietorelle is a colorful gummy candy – licorice, strawberry, mint or lemon-, and one of the pioneer brands in sugar-free sweets. With its varied flavors and the natural sweetness provided by Stevia, it is a perfect option for lovers of lightness and spontaneity.

MyDietorelle provides a moment of pleasure for those who want to enjoy at the same time they continue taking care of their health.

All MyDietorelle products are certified 100% vegan and do not contain animal jelly. They only contain natural flavors, are rich in fruit juice, and are gluten-free.

After a few years, the well-known brand MyDietorelle is once again present in its 70gr format on the modern channel by Masoliver.

Tasty & Unique S.L will continue to manage the distribution in the pick & mix channel, offering MyDietorelle in the 800gr bulk format.

Caramelos de goma veganos y sin azúcar MyDietorelle