Nissin, the renowned Asian noodle brand, is proud to announce its collaboration as a sponsor of HackUPC 2023, an internationally renowned computer competition. The event, which took place last May, brought together 600 students from different parts of the world for a weekend full of creativity and teamwork.

HackUPC 2023 has established itself as one of the most outstanding events in the field of technology and innovation. During three intense days, the participants competed in computer challenges and presented their most innovative projects. In this highly demanding environment, Nissin decided to support young talent by providing its popular product, the Nissin Soba Cup.

Nissin noodles are known for their authentic taste and convenience. Using just hot water, these noodles take three minutes to prepare, making them the perfect choice to keep you energized during long work sessions. Throughout the event, students had access to Nissin Soba Cups, which quickly became an ideal option to satisfy the cravings of the participants at any time of the day.

The collaboration between Nissin and HackUPC 2023 was a resounding success. Participants did not hesitate to try the authentic Asian noodles, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The students appreciated the opportunity for a hands-on, delicious cooking experience that allowed them to stay focused on their projects without worrying about food.

Nissin’s presence at HackUPC 2023 was a testament to its commitment to the tech community and nurturing young talent.