• 7Days, Tang and Daim have been sponsors of the football and basketball competitions organized by Pirineos Cup.

Pirineos Cup, an international benchmark basketball and grassroots football tournament, has brought together more than 350 teams from 10 countries. This has been the 2nd edition of the basketball competition and the 23rd edition of the football tournament, and we have been present in both with the Tang, 7Days and Daim brands.

Campo de Futbol Pirineos Cup

Tang, 7Days and Daim, alongside sport with the Pyrenees Cup

The three brands of the Mondelez group, distributed in Spain by Masoliver, are committed to promoting sport among the youngest. For this reason they have wanted to sponsor this internationally recognized event, which manages to break records year after year.

As sponsors of the event, Tang, 7Days and Daim were present on the banners of the football and basketball fields, as well as being present on the staff’s shirts.

7Days croissants, Tang juices and Daim chocolates were provided free of charge for the participants and their families. A great success!

In addition, fun challenges were organized by the brands, where participants were able to test their skills on the track and have a fun time with colleagues from other teams, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Juegos de habilidades organizados por 7Days en Pirineos Cup

Pyrenees Cup on social networks and launching a Twitch channel

This year, the Pyrenees Cup started with something new: the launch of its Twitch channel. Without a doubt, the way we consume content has changed and Twitch is the streaming platform par excellence. The Pirineos Cup live on Twitch accumulated a large number of views, and in these broadcasts, the Tang, 7Days and Daim brands also had their space.

We encourage you to watch the videos on YouTube.

The sponsorships were also announced on Instagram, where the Pyrenees Cup, Pyrenees Basket Cup and Tang are present with their own profiles, and exclusive merchandising raffles were organized.


The greatest victory: days full of sportsmanship and team play

Tang, 7 Days and Daim are very proud to have been able to take part in these latest editions of the Pyrenees Cup, which continues to innovate year after year and surprise its participants, and where sport, team play and fair play is what more important.

We are very proud to be able to support a reference event in the territory, and that has been very successful among the national and international public.

See you next year!

Daim en Masoliver Cup