Vicks Caramelos balsámicos

Masoliver, one of the leading distributors of food, beverage and healthcare products in Spain and Portugal, is pleased to announce its new distribution agreement with the renowned Vicks cough drop brand. The motherbrand VICKS, is internationally renowned brand known for its commitment to health and wellbeing. It has earned the trust of millions of people around the world with its wide range pharmacy products.

In 2015, Katjes took over the perpetual licence to market and distribute Procter & Gamble’s traditional VICKS cough drop brand in Europe – the famous cough drops with the unique menthol flavour are sold in 15 European countries and are among the leading cough drop brands in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Belgium. This strategic partnership will enable Masoliver to offer its customers a range of innovative and high quality cough relief products.

VICKS cough drops stands for the unique menthol taste of its products and consequently for delivering cooling moments when needed. For this reason, an iconic polar bear symbolizes the key benefit of the brand and give a clear differentiation to the competition at the cough drop shelf. So this cough drop is not only the perfect companion for bad weather and the cold season, but also for everyday life.

VICKS’ commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in each of its products, and these lozenges are no exception. The range has four flavours to suit consumer preferences: Vapomentol, Honey, Lemon and Peach IceTea, all with no added sugars and vegan.

Masoliver, with its commitment to customer satisfaction and distribution excellence, is excited about this new addition to its growing product portfolio. This agreement represents a further step towards the expansion and consolidation of Masoliver in the distribution market of high quality products.