Last May 16, both in Masoliver and Beveland we participated together with the Inclusive Football team of the Club Atletisme Olot, starring in an event that celebrates much more than sport: the commitment to inclusion and social responsibility. This special match, in which there were neither winners nor losers, stood out for the family atmosphere and the good time that all the participants had.



On the occasion of the event, corporate shirts were designed for all the players, which reflected the pride of being part of a large business family and the spirit of collaboration that defines this initiative. The main objective of this party was to promote social cohesion and underline the importance of causes that promote integration and equal opportunities.



The Masoliver Group has once again demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility, sponsoring the Inclusive Soccer team of the Olot Athletics Club and supporting this type of initiative throughout the year. This match was an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties, promote positive values and enjoy a day full of sport and company.

Congratulations to all the participants for making this match an unforgettable day!