From June 27 to 30, Cerdanya was the scene of the Summer 2024 International Football Tournament, known as the Pirineos Cup 2024. This prestigious event brought together more than 260 teams and 4,000 players of all ages, including renowned teams such as Girona, Liverpool and River Plate, among many others. The matches were full of excitement and competition, making this tournament an unforgettable experience for all attendees.



Masoliver is proud to have collaborated in this exciting event, just like last year, bringing energy and flavor with our brands Tang, Daim and 7Days. Brands that were key for the players, who were able to regain their energy with the delicious croissants from 7Days, enjoy the sweets from Daim and revitalize themselves with a refreshing Tang.



Thank you to all the players, coaches, organizers and spectators for your enthusiasm and support.


We can’t wait to see each other again next year and continue sharing the passion for football and the unmatched vitality of our brands!