With COVID-19 profoundly redefining our lives, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to all those families who have been affected during this pandemic and pay tribute to the heroic efforts of the medical professionals who are working without letup. These turbulent times have [...]


#Invulnerables project

Masoliver and Beveland presented a cheque for €6,000 to the #Invulnerables project. This was the amount raised at the charity concerts featuring Doctor Prats (1 May) and Els Pets (17 and 18 May) in Olot. The concerts were part of the events to celebrate Masoliver’s [...]


The new Masoliver Group image

The new Masoliver Group image, presented on 5 July during the events to celebrate Masoliver’s 40th and Beveland’s 25th anniversaries, seeks to reflect the DNA of the group’s two companies, as well as their values and the focus on the workers that drive them forward. [...]


Have you ever had a Bernard?

Masoliver is expanding its portfolio with the incorporation of a new Czech beer brand: Bernard. Created in 1991 in the town of Humpolec (Czech Republic), it’s an unpasteurised Premium Lager beer that is marketed in more than 35 countries around the world, with production totalling [...]


Masoliver, change is the only constant

At Masoliver, we also evolve in order to further the progress of those around us. Our brand is changing to become more modern and digital and to be better connected to the new generations, with a more far-reaching and international concept with an eye on [...]


Masoliver joins the ESMA

Masoliver joins the ESMA (European Sales & Marketing Association). The ESMA is a platform for manufacturers and distributors in the value chain. The ESMA is proactive in ensuring that its members attempt, whenever possible, to reduce the manufacturer’s carbon footprint by providing efficiency in the [...]


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