Masoliver will be present at Alimentaria 2022

The largest trade fair of the food and beverage industry in Europe will be held in April 2022 and Masoliver will be present with our own stand, to show all the news from our food and beverage catalogue. Alimentaria is an international event of reference [...]


Masoliver Group supports women’s sports

At Masoliver Group we are committed to gender equality, inside and outside the organization. We believe women must have the same opportunities. For this reason, Masoliver is a proud sponsor of local women teams, like UE Olot Women Team, and recently also Hoquei Olot Women [...]


Thanks for swimiming together

In a year, 2021, in which we row against adversity and changes in our environment, we sincerely appreciate the trust in our team and company. The beautiful thing is that we are all connected, we are part, and not visitors, of our world. The Mediterranean [...]


Masoliver distributes mezcal Planta Santa

Masoliver distributes the new mezcal Planta Santa. Tradition says that the gods caused a lightning strike to strike an agave plant, causing Mezcal to sprout. From this legend the name of the mezcal Planta Santa was born. Mezcal is a spirit drink originally from Mexico [...]


Suree Foods, coconut water from Thailand

Suree Foods Coconut Milk is made from specially selected fresh coconut. The result is a concentrated, sweet, smooth and premium quality product. Suree Foods has expanded the reputation of authentic Thai food around the world since 1995. Suree Foods is the leading manufacturer of a [...]


Do you prefer alvados Boulard or Armagnac Janneau?

At Masoliver we incorporated two new brands of spirits of French origin: Calvados Boulard and Armagnac Janneau. Since 1826, in Calvados Boulard five generations have followed each other, becoming an internationally recognized company and a leader in the Calvados market with numerous international awards. For [...]


Pureborn: the benchmark brand for organic diapers

Introducing Pureborn, the eco-friendly and organic alternative to traditional diapers. Pureborn is the first baby brand in the world to use packaging with 40% less plastic. Produced from organic bamboo, it uses safe packaging and formulas to protect the world of tomorrow. 41% of parents [...]


Canuti: fresh frozen pasta

Discover Canuti, the ideal fresh frozen pasta for the Horeca channel, with its gourmet recipes and its products from the best Italian tradition. Pasta makers since 1950, Canuti fresh pasta is extruded, molded, pasteurized and then frozen using the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) method in [...]


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