The management of Masoliver Group, representing all the companies within the group, with the vision of achieving a leadership position in the market for manufacturing and distributing spirits and for distributing recognized brands in food and healthcare products, and harmonizing services with customer satisfaction, adopts as a development strategy the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and certification of a quality system according to ISO 9001 standards at Masoliver Group, and also according to IFS food safety standards at Beveland.

The management of Masoliver Group is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of its process management, thus the Management System is based on the development of the following general guidelines:

Quality and Food Safety Culture:

  • Annually plan objectives and goals oriented towards continuous improvement in the quality of products, processes, and customer service.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements regarding quality, as well as customer specifications, product/process safety, and other requirements subscribed by the company.
  • Achieve full customer and stakeholder satisfaction by promoting communication, participation, and consultation with customers and partners regarding service quality.
  • Produce in compliance with the obligations set by HACCP guidelines based on the “Codex Alimentarius”, IFS standards, ISO 9001 standards, and their directives; adhering to current legislation at all levels (food, environmental, personal, fiscal, etc.).
  • Take necessary preventive and corrective actions, allocating the necessary resources to ensure a hygienically safe product and committing to continuous improvement of the Quality System.
  • Promote continuous training and education of Masoliver Group employees in legally required subjects and quality management, encouraging their awareness and involvement in the continuous improvement of their activities, as well as the culture of food safety.
  • Maintain adequate facilities to facilitate proper handling and hygiene practices, as well as necessary monitoring to ensure a hygienically safe product.
  • The company commits to following basic ethical work requirements:
    • Every human being has unique value, which justifies moral consideration towards each person without unjust discrimination based on sex, age, disability, color, race, religion, language, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.
    • Every individual has the right to self-fulfillment, as long as it does not interfere with the same right of others, and has the obligation to contribute to the welfare of society.


  • Comply with current environmental legislation and regulations, as well as those commitments the organization subscribes to, aiming to anticipate and foresee legislative changes.
  • Make sustainable use of natural resources, promoting efficient energy use, rational use of water and raw materials, and encouraging recycling practices.
  • Manage waste and emissions in an environmentally friendly manner, striving to minimize generation in our operations to reduce impact and contribute to climate change mitigation.

To ensure that this Policy remains appropriate at all times, it will be subject to periodic reviews by the Management.

Measures are applied to ensure that the Quality, Food Safety, and Environmental Policy is communicated at all levels of the organization, including those working on behalf of Masoliver Group, and made available to other interested parties through the website.

Sandra Masoliver Olivas (CEO CM)
Joel Masoliver Olivas (CEO BV)
Begudà (Sant Joan les Fonts) Girona

Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy – Rev. 13 – 8/05/2024