Juan Luis Guerra sang that he wished it would rain coffee in the fields, while nowadays we sing to the rain so that it soaks the wetlands with water in the coming years.

Wetlands play a vital role in the conservation of biodiversity and food production. Due to climate change, heatwaves and droughts, 60%-70% of the wetlands in Spain have disappeared over the last century and they continue to disappear at a rate three times faster than the forests.

Thanks to all of you, in partnership with the Fundación Global Nature, which analyses the role of the Mediterranean wetlands within the context of climate change around Europe, we will ensure the recovery of Marjal del Moro, a wetland in Valencia that’s classified as a protected area. Moreover, the vegetation cut down as a result of this initiative will be distributed among the local farmers and livestock breeders to benefit the rural economy.

Essential actions such as this one are possible by the trust you place in our team and company being by our side year after year.


Thank you very much for supporting us once again this year.
We wish you a happy Christmas Holidays and a 2023 full of rain and hope.